Aidan Gillen on that Littlefinger moment in Game of Thrones

This article contains spoilers about the final episode of season seven of Game of Thrones.


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The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’, saw Aidan Gillen’s character meet a grisly end. Photo: Helen Sloan

The man who made Littlefinger one of the the most despised villains in Game of Thrones has opened up about his character’s grisly demise.

Over the past few episodes, Lord Petyr Baelish – played by Irish actor Aidan Gillen – had been attempting to turn Sansa and Arya Stark against one another.

But in the season finale The Dragon and the Wolf, the former brothel owner’s plan backfired spectacularly when Sansa summoned Arya to Winterfell’s throne room only to reveal it was in fact Littlefinger who was on trial.

The Lady of Winterfell then gave viewers a run-down of some of Littlefinger’s worst crimes.

“The conflict between the Starks and Lannisters – it was you who started it,” she said.

“I loved you more than anyone,” Littlefinger replied, his voice quivering.

“And yet you betrayed me.”

And with that, Arya cut Lord Baelish’s throat, and Game of Thrones fans rejoiced that for once it wasn’t a Stark or a fire-breathing dragon that had been cut down.

Since his character’s on-screen death, Gillen has done a raft of exit interviews where he reveals he is sad but also relieved to be saying goodbye to the world’s most popular television series.

“This ending was inevitable,” he told the LA Times. “It could have happened 10 years ago, it could have happened 20 years in the future, but he [Baelish] was destined to die in a violent way.”

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments for Game of Thrones fans was the way Littlefinger broke down seconds before meeting his grisly end. As he realises he’s trapped, he begs for his life and starts to cry.

Gillen has said that – for once – Littlefinger was being genuine.

“One thing we haven’t seen [until season seven’s finale] is real vulnerability or weakness,” he said. “If we saw some emotion, I don’t really think it was sentimental. I think it was involuntary: Your time is up. That’s what I felt at the time in the scene.”

Lord Baelish’s death brings to an end seven seasons of backstabbing and meddling in other character’s affairs. Some of his crimes, as outlined by the Stark children, include:

Murdering the hand of the king and setting the wheels in motion for the entire Game of Thrones series

“You had Aunt Lysa send a letter to our parents telling them it was the Lannisters who murdered Jon Arryn, when really it was you. The conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters – it was you who started it.”

Creating further mistrust between the Stark and Lannister clans

“You told our mother this knife belonged to Tyrion Lannister. But that was another one of your lies. It was yours.”

Conspiring with Cersei Lannister to betray Ned Stark, which ultimately led to his execution on false charges of treason

“You held a knife to his throat. You said, ‘I did warn you not to trust me.”

Murdering Lysa Arryn to gain control over The Vale

“You pushed her through the moon door and watched her fall.”

Marrying Sansa off to the crazed Ramsay Bolton

“You betrayed me.”

The HBO blockbuster’s finale season is due to come out sometime in 2018, but could be pushed back until 2019 depending on filming requirements.

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