Bob Dylan tribute show to be held at Lizotte’s on October 6

A Bob Dylan tribute in Newcastle | PHOTOS Jamie Martens and Phil Boon will perform a Bob Dylan tribute show at Lizotte’s on Friday, October 6.


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facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappBob Dylan is brilliant, but he’s also moody. But then, what great artists aren’t moody?

The subject of Saint Bob’s state of mind came up fairly early in our chat to Phil Boon, who is part of a Bob Dylan tribute show to be performed at Lizotte’s next month.

Phil tells the story of his nephew, who once went to four Dylan gigs overseas.

“He said three of the four concerts weren’t worth going to because Bob was in a bad mood,” Phil said.

“He’s such a strange dude.”

What can’t be denied, Phil points out, is Dylan’s massive influence.

It also can’t be denied that doing a Dylan tribute show is gutsy.

“The purists will be sitting there looking like hippies, but they’ll be 60 to 65 years old with cranky looks on their faces thinking ‘you better play Blowin’ in the Wind, dude’,” Phil said.

Phil will play bass, mandolin and sing backing vocals, while Jamie Martens will sing lead vocals and play acoustic and electric guitars, along with harmonica. Four other musicians will round out the band.

The band won’t be looking to copy Dylan’s unique tone.

It’llaim to interpret the songs in a way that does them justice.

“Are we gonna get it right? I hope so,” Phil said.

Phil said the songs are not hard to play.

“We’re all competent musicians,” he said.

What is hard is deciding which songs to play.

“We’ve got 16 songs in a 75-minute set. Song choice is everything,” he said.

The question of whether to play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was hotly debated.

“It’s such a covered song and Guns N’ Roses ruined it for everybody,” Phil said.

“I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I mean Guns ‘N Roses had a massive hit with it.”

In the end, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door made the cut, as did the likes of Tangled Up in Blue, Lay Lady Lay, Mr Tambourine Man, Like a Rolling Stone, Hurricane, Simple Twist of Fate and Just like a Woman.

And yes, Blowin’ in the Wind will be played.

The Jamie Martens Band – The Songs of Bob Dylan will perform at Lizotte’s on Friday, October 6.

Tickets are $25. Book through the venue’s website or by phoning 4956 2066.

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