Future of Leadership Conference slated for September 13 in Newcastle

Support: Doug Williams, Sally Bartley and Tim Osborn of Workplace HQ, sponsors of the Future of Leadership summit. Picture: Jonathan CarrollTHE inaugural Future of Leadership conference will be held in Newcastle on September 13 with high expectations it will become an annual event.


The TED-style event’s origins date back to 2013, when it was first runin Brisbane by behavioural scientist and public speaker Darren Hill.

Public speaker Jason Fox ran the event in Melbourne before not for profit group Hands Across The Water took ownership of the event in 2015.

The event now runs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and this year Newcastle will enter the fray thanks to the backing of Workplace HQ –an amalgamation of Osborn Law, peoplefusion and Skildare.

We have had strong interest from Hands Supporters in Newcastle regarding FOL and some really strong commercial support to help get behind it.

Speakers confirmed for the September 13 event are Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service CEO Richard Jones,Head of Churchill Education and former Crown prosecutor Tricia Velthuizen, entrepreneur Rowdy Mclean, youth entrepreneur Rhiannon Tuntevski and leadership speaker Peter Baines.

Hands Across The Water spokesman said while the event was suitable for any city in Australia, the charity hasa very strong support network in Newcastle which helped get it off the ground.

“Future of Leadership is applicable to a very broad range of businesses, so as a microcosm of Australia, Newcastle is also a very suitable location,” he said.

Mr Osborn said Workplace HQ – a consultancy mergingthe expertise of Osborn Law, peoplefusion (recruitment) and Skildare (human resources) –was keen to back the event because of its unique formula.

“It’s a different format to other events of this nature, mixing local identities with other leaders from around the country who have ‘been there and done that’, and itshould offer some great and varied perspectives on leadership,” he said.

“On the back of some really positive feedback from the event when it was held in the capital cities, we thought it would really benefit our town.”

Mr Osborn said from a personal perspective, he hoped to “learn from others with more experience than I have, and no doubt to be exposed to some different points of view on the topic of leadership.”

Hands Across the Water founder Peter Baines said given the feedback and initial sales for the Newcastle event, he was optimistic it would become a regular inclusion in the annual series.

The Newcastle event will run from 8am to 12 noon with registrations opening from 730am. Details at futureofleadership苏州美甲学校苏州美甲学校论坛.

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