How do dads really want to spend Father’s Day?

How you celebrate Father’s Day is as individual as the man you cherish. It’s a day to honour the dad in your life – whether it be spending quality time together, making a phone call to say I love you or being treated to breakfast in bed by your kids.


Chef Tobie Puttock with his daughter Birdie in 2015. Photo: Chris Hopkins

Family and foodCelebrity chef and co-founder of SuperNatural Food Tobie Puttock, has changed the way he approaches his work life after the birth of his daughter Birdie, now aged two-and-a-half.

He says Father’s Day is about honouring his dad Kevin, father-in-law Bernard and enjoying time with family at home. What he can’t escape is preparing food for the feast, and will be organising the meals for the day the night before.

“For thepasttwo years Birdie has given me a coffee mug with her face on it, which is a pretty cool gift because I use itevery morning and get to see her face staring at me likea fish in a bowl,” he jokes.

“Being a dad is the ultimate in self-awareness,” says Tobie Puttock.

“You have to look at yourself and think’ok this is who I am, what am I doing that I’m proud of, what could I do better, and how can Ireflect my best attributes onto this little human’,” he says.

The philanthropic footballerFor former Sydney Swans Football premiership winning coach Paul Roos, it’ll be able taking part in the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run around the Tan in Melbourne. The former coach will be counting on his two sons Dylan, 23 and Tyler, 21 as well as wife Tami to support the cause.

“Being a good dad is about spending time with your kids and being involved in the school drop-off,” says Paul Roos.

“It’s not just about the fancy vacations – it’s about being present, supportive and spending time with them that makes the biggest difference to your child’s life,” he says.

Perks of a new dad

Let’s not pretend it’s not also a day for new dads to enjoy the perks of Father’s Day celebrations. While TV presenter Shura Taft (who is part of the Cybex Dad Father’s Day Squad) isn’t so keen on the gimmicks of the day, he’s all about recognising the value of having his wife and seven-month-old son Ed around.

“Given Ed is only seven months old I don’t expect much more than a cuddle, a play and probably a little bit of drool,” says Shura Taft.

“The best thing about being a dad is that you’re shaping and developing your child’s life. Watching your son beam with a smile when you walk into the room or burst into laughter when you do something is the greatest feeling in the world. Right now the daily bath he and I share is the best part of my day,” he says.

The role of a lifetimeOffspringactor TJ Power has just become a dad for the first time with the arrival of his baby girl six weeks ago. He says the meaning of the day will unveil in time, but admits fatherhood has already changed him.

“It’s given me a heightened sense of protectiveness,” says TJ Power. “Not only for my daughter, but also for my family as a whole.”

Power will spend the special day with his dad who is visiting from Australia to meet his granddaughter.

“Traditionally in my family, Father’s Day means a BBQ and Dad unwrapping golfing books while we take the mickey out of him,” says Power.

“This year we might drive up the mountains and admire fancy cars and motorbikes at a cool bar. My dad and I share a love for sports cars, so that’ll be a treat,” he says.

Advice for new dadsTobie Puttock: “Get involved.Do the bathing, feeding and nappy changes. I have done 50% of everything from the get-go and Birdie and I have a great relationship because of it.”

Paul Roos: “Becoming a father makes you responsible for other human beings. It’s not just about you and your partner anymore…I would tell a young dad to be present.”

Shura Taft: “Recognise early on your only real concern is your wife or partner. Your child needs them, not you so much. However, your partner needs love and support to help them get through what is an incredibly tough time for a woman. You learn very early on to be selfless and it’s a great thing to practice.”

TJ Power:”I’d say be there for your woman. She needs you, so step up and enjoy it. We’ve all heard how fast it all changes, so make sure you’re present enough to be able to remember all the good bits.”

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