letters to the editor September 1 2017

An artist’s impression from the 2018-2022 FIFA World Cup bid depicting what Hunter Stadium and the redeveloped sporting precinct could look like in the future. It was great to see that Venues NSW held further opportunities for community consultation about the Hunter Sports and Entertainment Precinct Concept Plan last weekend. While at first glance this seems like a fabulous idea to move Newcastle forward, it is an unfunded vision.


Many Newcastle people are probably not aware of some of the finer details. One of the less obvious parts of the proposal includes selling off the Crown land park, also known as Wanderers Reserve, located on the corner of Curley Road and Denney Street in Broadmeadowfor medium or higher density housing. Are the people of Newcastle happy for the state government to sell our parks to fund their business plans for projects that may never happen? Is this a precedent we want to set?

Tell Venues NSW what you think this weekend at the Maitland Markets, the Knights VS Cronulla game, the Newcastle Farmers’ Markets, or the Newcastle Jets VSWestern Sydney Wanderers Game. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sell our local park to fund some Sydney guy in a suit’s fancy job!

Sheree Rowney,BroadmeadowDISAGREE BUT STAY CIVILWe all understand that the Supercars event is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to voicing an opinion in opposition why do some of those who do not like it have to lie and cheat so much?

Among the very many letters written, a large portionhave repeated the same misinformation and have the same themes running through them.

Then there is the whole host of Facebook pages that are full of lies and insults,as well as death threats. They are so intent on rubbishing anything or anyone that has anything to do with Supercars that do not want to listen to the truth and will go as far as blocking anyone who speaks against them or what they think.

This kind of behaviour is not the kind of thing that we want to promote, yet they are the ones who continually call anyone – whether they be male, female, adult or child, who attends a Supercars event a bogan.They have proven to be not much better than a bogan themselves.

Mark Creek,AdamstownBROWN MUST TRUST PROCESSNathan Brown should be looking back on his days in England.Hehas stated how he had to offload some of his older players to go with some youth and it worked.

He now has a team in Newcastle with a good blend of youth and, with the new signings, are starting to look good.However he seems to be going overboard with the recruitment, and if he keeps going the majority of the team he has been building over the last two years will not be included.

There is now talk that they are chasing Beale from Cronulla, andif they get Blairthey are close to fielding a team filled up with new recruits.

There have beentwo years going through hell and Brown saying that’s what had to happen.Now we are going back to recruiting a side when we are still in the process of building a team that is on the up.

Allen Small,East MaitlandA VALUABLE TEACHINGPerhaps before rushing into print with such an unsavoury email to his staff (“Warning for teachers”,Herald31/8)the principal of St. Pius X should have more closely considered the words of Father Middleton, rector of Xavier College in Melbourne.

Henoted that “To be brutally honest, the church speaking out in controversial areas around sexuality risks being mired in vitriolic attacks on its credibility in the aftermath of the Royal Commission”.

Did this person not read the evidence concerning Newcastle?

Tony Sullivan,Adamstown HeightsALL FOR COUNCIL FIREWORKSIt’s great to see the improvements along the Foreshore at Warners Bay, well done Lake Macquarie Council! This is a very popular place for families, especially in the warmer weather and will no doubt be of benefit to the businesses in Warners Bay.

For many years the New Year’s Eve fireworks at Warners Bay drew large numbers of people, in fact the last year they were held at least 300 boats were moored nearby and some stayed for a few days, what a great boost for the area. I wonder if council could see their way clear, with the help of some financial contributions from the business community and corporate sponsors, to finance the fireworks again each year, even on a reduced scale, for the benefit of the wider Lake Macquarie community.

I’m sure they would welcome the fireworks back again. So how about it, Lake Macquarie Council?

Ian King,Warners BayRAT RACE JUST GETS FASTERI might not like asylum seekers but I disgree more with our out of touch, hung on power Liberal government. I’d like to point out to Peter Dutton that not evenAustralians born and bred can find a house in threeweeks. Most can’t afford to even rent a home, and it’s been like that now since 1998 thanks to workplace andwelfare reforms, plusthehighest average tax system in the world: Howard’s GST

Social housing takes 20 years and private rental is unaffordable, and still can take up to 12 months to fouryears’ wait. This is just inNSW alone.Australian work places are unstable and the pay packets are getting worse every year, with skyrocketing costs for essential, basic bills now eating into any wage you bring home.

Welfare does not last more than a day now, as 60 percent goes on rent while another 30 percent goes on food.Most Australians have not had a proper four-week Christmas holiday more than 20 kilometresaway from their work place since 1998.

David Grabben,BlacktownMOMENTS OF CAR CLARITYCarol Duncan attended a well organised, well attended and respectful community forum about consultation, or the lack thereof inNewcastlepolitics.

Carol told the forum that Supercars has been a spectacular mess and that Newcastle East residents have been treated appallingly. This was a very clear message. In my view Carol later backflipped, telling theHeraldshe supports Supercars, and somehow blames the forum for being disorganised (“Duncan backs Supercars”,Herald30/8). I think Carol Duncan has a very promising career in politics.

Dominique Ryan,NewcastleEast

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