Matty’s ‘Johnson’ up for grabs as Bachelor hits gutter

It seems The Bachelor Australia is not afraid to test its PG classification with a little X-rated flirtation centred around Matty’s “Johnson”, as host Osher Günsberg politely called it.


Simone Ormesher was not afraid to call it a penis but it seemed the show’s editors decided to keep censors somewhat happy by bleeping out the term. The British expat, who gained notoriety for being a topless waitress more than four years ago, led the charge by placing a love-heart sticker on his “nice bulge”.

“… When you wear your suit pants, it normally goes out so,” Simone told Matty Johnson, to much female mirth, during a challenge in which the Bachelorettes had to pin a heart on their favourite part of the Bachelor.

“Everybody was putting it in lovely places … and I’m like “Oh piss off’, like, have a bit of a laugh with it,” Simone told the cameras.

Bachelor bait: Matty’s childhood Superman gets reduced to a “nice arse” and “nice bulge”. Photo: Ten

The other women looked suitably shocked even though it would be safe to assume that being aged in their mid-to-late 20s, discussing sex and a man’s assets would, almost assuredly, be part of the Bachelor mansion banter.

Only on this occasion it was exposed in broad daylight, in front of Matty J and beamed back to a national TV audience.

What possibly made it all the more disturbing was that it was done while wearing T-shirts emblazoned with their childhood pictures. It was like shining a torch on the fact that Matty’s “little manhood” also belonged to this pre-school Superman.

It was harmless on the scale of things (as long as you don’t mind your children watching) but it certainly made you wonder if these girls needed some parental guidance as there was nothing mature audience about it.

It comes during a season in which topless entertaining has been openly discussed, Tara Pavlovic has made a point of feeling and reflecting on Matty’s “nice arse”, while Elora Murger openly invited him to spend a night in her cabin.

Even for a reality dating show, this seems to be the first time, collectively, that The Bachelor Australia has reduced the star, somewhat, to a hunk of meat to be fought over by ravaging she-wolves.

As vision quickly turned to the cocktail party where jealousy and desire to speak to Matty started to turn ugly, followed by a promo showing Elora making an attempt to kiss Matty in front of the other women, it started to make you wonder if the show was teetering on the brink of adding “gutter” to trash TV.

Simone, as it happened, won’t be making any further appearances on the show after failing to receive a rose from Matty. But that was more a reflection of their lack of chemistry, or anything really, than this one incident.

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