short takes for September 1 2017

In regard to St Pius (“Warning for teachers”, Herald 31/8) I support marriage equality, but most employers have social media policies and it iss fair for them to dictate the school stance.No different to the reservist that was sacked recently for speaking out publicly opposing Australian Defence Force policy.


Grant Donnelly, FacebookI hope the government is happy with the mess it has created by going to a postal vote on the issue of marriage equality. The Prime Minister is supposed to be a leader, not a follower. A simple vote in Parliament would have stopped all this controversy.

Darryl Tuckwell,EleebanaSteve Barnett, as you watch your son, Mitch, play for the Knights thisweekend picture him winning a premiership in the near future. You must beproud. Please convince him to sign for life, he’s my favourite player.

Cliff Rabbit,Nelson BayI have never seen the colour black in a rainbow. Maybe I should go to Specsavers. However I do believe the rainbow to be an appropriate symbol for same sex marriage or any marriage, as the rainbow is a temporary joy.

Steve Barnett,Fingal Bay170 bus services cancelled in the first six weeks of privatisation. (“Bus stop: 170 missing services”, Herald30/8/17) Surely the government should have received guarantees that public services should be maintained and not severely slashed by the new owners before leasing these important transport amenities. As predicted, with privatisation ventures, services dwindle and prices will probably rise.

John William Hill,WilliamtownI wish people would be a bit more patient. When the relevant governments started to sell off our power stations, we were assured this sell off would eventually lead to cheaper power for us all. Well, “eventually” is an infinite timeline. So now Malcolm Turnbull is on the case it should happen quickly. Just hang in there and don’t blink or you might miss it!

Mick Miller,Salamander BayDear David Allan-Petale (“I’ll be voting yes because it’s the fair thing to do”, Herald 31/8),the novote is saying marriage should remain the union of a man and a woman because marriage is about the natural creation of life which can only occur after sex between a man and a woman. The equality issue is easily addressed by adding civil partnerships to the Marriage Act.

Clive Jensen,MerewetherTHE POLLSShould senior council staff’s diaries be published online?

Yes, 75.7%, No, 24.3%Is the Hey Tosser program fair?

Yes, 23%, No, 77%How do you rate the Newcastle Jets’ preseason performances?

As expected, 57%, Above expectation, 22.4%, Below Expectation, 20.6%

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